Meet a Grad - T Nazario

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Last Update 05/15/20 05:54:pm

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Te’amo Nazario was one of our first wrestlers in the Trenton Youth Wrestling program. In his first year in 8th Grade he finished 7th place in a very competitive New Jersey State tournament. He’s now a senior at Trenton High School looking forward to College.

“ I always wanted to do wrestling. It’s just that my school never provided it, and Trenton Youth Wrestling really gave me an opportunity to try wrestling. To me, wrestling is not just a sport, it’s more like a lifestyle. I’m so much healthier, and my mentality is so much sharper. I know I want to wrestle through High School, and if I can make it, in college. I believe wrestling is that sport that makes me happy. It’s truly my sport. ”

Te'amo leads quietly as National Honor Society member, successful multi-Advanced Placement course student and a committed TCHS Varsity wrestler. Even while an eighth grader and TYW wrestler, Te’amo was focused, and he credited wrestling for further developing his self-discipline and determination. Exceptional indeed! He is bound for a successful future as he applies to selective colleges.