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Be The Bridge

Learn about our campaign to create a brighter future for Trenton boys and girls.

Ray Bethea Interview

Trenton Youth Wrestling and Learning Center Director of Operations Ray Bethea interviewed at the Princeton vs. Morgan State match. Learn about our mission and how YOU can help make a difference.

The Wrestling and Learning Center

What is The Trenton Youth Wrestling and Learning Center? Learn about the big idea and why it's time is now.

Priority Areas For Support

To secure consistency and stability of the Trenton Youth Wrestling and Learning Center, it is critical that we secure adequate funding as described here.

Why Invest Now?

Our work and our programs could not be more timely or more critical, as we coach, inspire, and build the next generation of young athlete leaders in the Trenton, NJ area and beyond.

Make A Gift

To Support the Be the Bridge Campaign for the Trenton Youth Wrestling and Learning Center

Mayor's Office

We are grateful for the enthusiastic support of City Fathers.

Why Trenton Youth Wrestling Deserves Your Support

Watch the video and learn about our story. When you've finished watching, we respectfully request that you consider how you can join us in this quest.

Be The Bridge Brochure

Download or View Our Be The Bridge Brochure

Mission Video

Coach Mark and Coach Ray talk about our THREE big objectives, our mission, and how you can help us to achieve.